A Jiya Stuff Contribution


Optical Illusions



Red Dot

Stare at the red dot long enough, and the grey stripes will disappear.

Also move your head closer and farther from the screen and see the difference.


Grey Lines

A convincing illusion.

Believe it or not, these lines are straight and parallel.



The colors aren't what they seem in this image.


The two birds in this image are identical. Not just in size and shape, but in color too.

Don't believe us? Check out the same image with the background removed.




Here's a fishy illusion.

 These "fish" may appear to be wiggling, but the only thing changing in this animation is the color.



Which color? Which direction?

What's your first impression of this image? Yellow arrows pointing left, or green arrows pointing right? There is no "correct" answer, but different people perceive this image differently at first.


Blue Spiral

More deceptive than it seems.

Another "false spiral" -- actually a series of concentric circles, hard as it may be to believe. To prove that there's no spiral, try tracing your finger around one of the circles. You'll see that it never moves inward or outward.


Red Balls

Afterimages in action.

 Stare at the center of this simple animation and you'll be convinced you're seeing a green circle moving around the edge. But are you?


A still frame from the same animation reveals that there is no green at all. Your eyes are perceiving a negative afterimage of the magenta circles -- when they disappear, your photoreceptors compensate by producing a ghost image of the opposite color (green).



So Close, So Far

Get a little distance for this illusion.

Lean up close to your monitor. What does this image say?

Try stepping back a few feet. What does it say now?




This illusion lives on the edge.

What appears to be a gaping chasm in the middle of the street...


Wavy Lines?

Is the movement real or imagined?

 Try moving your mouse pointer down across this image, following the pointer closely with your eyes. You should see a rippling effect moving through the picture -- even though it's a completely static image!



This one will have your head spinning.

 A variation on a classic illusion, this cat can be perceived as rotating in either direction. With practice, you can make it switch at will!



A moving experience.

Believe it or not, this image is not animated. The effect persists only in your peripheral vision; if you focus on any one of the spirals, it will stop moving.



Something's bent out of shape here.


More bang for your buck! This three-in-one illusion includes a false spiral, an impossible Escher-esque structure, and what appears to be a seriously warped floor...



Can you spot the hidden word?

Can you unweave this web and find the hidden word within it?




ANSWER: A little color-coding helps to reveal the truth.


Sine Wave

A study in relative lengths.

Can you tell where on this curve the lines are the longest, and where they are the shortest?


Corner House

Get a new perspective in this puzzler.

 Are the walls of this house facing outward, or inward?


Dots in a Circle

Test your spatial perception.

Which of these two dots is in the true center of the circle? Answer below.

ANSWER: With the distracting lines out of the way, it's apparent that the green dot is at the center.



Scale and perspective.

Can you tell which of these cars is the largest? Explained below.



Believe it or not, the rightmost car is the largest. Our brain is wired to take perspective into account, hence the common perception that the leftmost car is larger.



Shed a little light on this problem.


Which square is a lighter shade, A or B? Explained below:


ANSWER: Taken out of context, you can see A and B are the same shade. Our familiarity with light and shadow tricks us into thinking B is "actually" lighter than A.



A classic illusion.

Here's a simple one. Are these two rows of squares perfectly parallel? Explained below:


Parallel Rows

ANSWER: They are indeed perfectly parallel, which becomes more apparent when the line between them is highlighted.




Play the ancient game of matching tiles!


Mind Impulse

Is your brain agile enough to complete this mental obstacle course?


Shape Inlay

Improve spatial recognition by sorting the shapes before time runs out!



The classic word game comes to your computer!