A Babu Suseelan and John Perry Contribution


Dr. Babu Suseelan


For thousands of years, JERUSALEM, the city on a hilly landscape captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide.


JERUSALEM was the city of DAVID who was born before Christ and Mohammad.  He was instrumental in unifying the grand city of Jerusalem.  The magnificent city of Jerusalem was also the city of King Solomon, where prophets such as Isaiah, and Jeremiah preached, justice, fairness, and moral values.


The city of Jerusalem is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible 669 times, while not once in the Koran. Jerusalem was the scene of Jesus and Al Aqua Mosque also is in Jerusalem.


Later Jerusalem was taken over by invading Arab Muslims. Arab Muslims have slaughtered thousands of Jews and Christians. One of the reasons for Crusades was to liberate Jerusalem from Muslims. In 1947, the UN made Jerusalem an international City. In 1948, the Arab Muslim nations invaded Jerusalem and seized part of Jerusalem and Jordanian Muslims expelled all Jews from East Jerusalem. The ancient western wall holy to Jews was made off limits to Jews. Islamic Pakistan immediately recognized seizure of East Jerusalem by Arab Muslims.


In the sixth day war of 1967, Israel captured all of Jerusalem and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). Israel made Jerusalem as the capital of the state. The American Congress recognized it through the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. Now Arab Muslims and their liberal/Marxist cohorts want to recapture Jerusalem and desire to make it as the capital of an Islamic Palestine state.


Under Israel’s sovereignty all religious places of Jerusalem are managed by their religious authorities and access to places of worship is guaranteed by the Israeli government. Muslims, Christians, atheists, Marxists, secularists, Hindus or Buddhists can live anywhere in Jerusalem. No Muslim country in the world allows Jews, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists to freely live or operate their religious institutions in their country. On the other hand, Israeli law absolutely guarantees freedom of religion, coexistence, and liberty to follow any thought system. Israel guarantees free access to all religious sites where Muslims denied access Jews to western wall. Under Israeli law, honor killing, limb amputation, public beheading, female genital mutilation, stoning and oppression of women under Islamic sharia is not allowed.


Under Jordanian Islamic rule from 1948 to 1967 in Jerusalem, Jewish synagogues were destroyed or vandalized and Jewish cemetery was desecrated. Muslims used tombstones for construction of Islamic latrines. Islamic law allows Muslims to destroy infidel places of worship, looting their property and abduction of infidel women and children as sex slaves. Islamic history is replete with mass murder of Jews and infidels and destruction of their places of worship.


Now Muslims around the world, Marxists, pseudo liberals and few Israeli secularists have joined together to demand a separate Palestine state as Jerusalem as its capital. The proposal is dangerous and may lead to unintended consequences. IS there any solution? JERUSALEM must remain the world’s Jewish spiritual capital. Why? There are reasons.

Marxists, phony liberals and rich Arab Muslims have made an unholy nexus to sway world public opinion to propose land for peace. Are they forgetting Islamic history? Muslim’s eternal hatred against Jews and other infidels not known around the world. When will phony secular-liberal politicians regain a sense of social responsibility? What we really need is to reexamine their proclivity for supporting Islamic Jihad war against Israel. Everywhere we turn today, we are bombarded by Jihadis and Marxist politicians with slogans that extort us to keep an open mind on Palestine and not to be judgmental. In the middle of all this is an underlying attitude that prevents any discussion of past Islamic terrorism against Israel in the name of Islam.


Saudi Arabia’s King Ibn Saud once said “Muslim’s hatred of Jews is based on the Koran. For a Muslim to kill a Jew ensures him an immediate entry into heaven.”  Muslim’s hatred against Jews is permanent. Islam forbids coexistence, freedom of choice and tolerance of infidels. After years of war against Israel and Jews around the world, Muslims are still carrying their dysfunctional thoughts, dogmatism, and hatred anchored in their wrong values in Islamic trilogy (Koran, Sira and Hadith)


Those who propose “Land for Peace” must properly understand Islamic history and its theology. The problem is not Jerusalem or Israel. The root cause is Islamic hatred against Jews and other infidels.

The goal of all Muslims is not to help Palestine Arab Muslims. If proper settlement is their goal, there are vast empty lands in all oil rich Arab countries. They could easily absorb Palestinians in their land. Their aim is to keep Middle East boiling and to annihilate Israel and push all Jews in to the Mediterranean Sea.


If Jerusalem is under Islamic government, Muslims will establish Islamic Sharia Law. Here is few Sharia law:


08.1 When a person who has reached puberty and is sane, voluntarily apostatizes deserves to be killed.

Muslims consider Islam as a complete and completed religion. Those who criticize Islam will be beheaded under Sharia law.


Under Islamic rule, all Jews, Christians and secularists in Jerusalem will be excommunicated or beheaded and as Islam dictates, Muslims will “make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” (Koran. 8.9.)


“Fight with them (Jews and Infidels) until there is no more disturbances and Islamic religion should be only open for Allah” (8:30)


“Fight the leaders of unbelief (9.12) Fight them and Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and heal the heart of a believing people.”(9.14.)


Muslims consider that Jews and infidels are their enemy and the Koran supports it, “They are the enemy, therefore beware of them, may Allah destroy them.”

Israel was established, Jerusalem was united and freedom was bought by blood and sweat of thousands of Jews. To preserve religious freedom, to protect democracy and peace is the responsibility of all peace loving people around the world. Today, Israel face an even more cruel and unrelenting enemy. Islam is a political ideology clocked as a religion, fanatically determined to destroy Israel, Jews and all infidels and impose sharia law in Jerusalem and around the world. Under Islamic rule, all residents in Jerusalem will be forced to convert to Islam, abject submission to Islamic government or to be killed.

Thos who have faith in freedom, democracy, peace and coexistence must work together to keep Jerusalem as the capital of Israel where freedom, democracy and religious tolerance can prevail.


Freedom loving people around the world must compel Muslims that the power has shifted from those who follow rigid, non-compromising, fundamentalist Arab imperialist dogma that promotes Jihadi terrorism and Islamic mayhem. It is time for all peace loving people to join with the winning Israeli team for freedom and peace and religious tolerance. Rather than joining with Jihadis, phony liberals, Marxists, and bogus intellectuals and secularists who are loyal to repressive Islam should stop motivating Muslims against Israel. LET US KEEP JERUSALEM, THE CITY ON HILL PERMENENTLY UNITED.