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The State of

Jewish Cemeteries in India


A cemetery provides the final resting place for our mortal remains.  A location which is held in the highest regard and where we can pay our homage to our departed ones at regular intervals.


Through the ages the cemetery has received the lowest priority of care and protection by a community. Specially in countries where the Jewish population is dwindling, these cemeteries are going to waste by abuse by the local non-Jewish population or are desecrated and taken over as personal property by the surrounding inhabitants.


Sadly this is happening while we hear about stories of their destruction and we all say we are sorry to hear it but almost nobody is willing to do anything about it.


Soon they will have been overrun by the non-Jews and provide a place for them to live over the graves of our departed ancestors.


We need to ACT NOW

to protect these cemeteries

or whatever is left of them 













The Trustees of The  Jewish Cemeteries Trust

Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018, India

Telephone : +91-22-2491 9741



All the members of the Jewish Community –


A humble request to donate to “THE JEWISH CEMETERIES TRUST” to support our endeavors to enhance the sanctity of the Jewish Cemetery at Worli, Mumbai – 400 018 which is in need of urgent and desperate repairs and maintenance on account of the dirt and thrash thrown from the neighboring buildings.


Donations for any sum however small or big are welcome and all donors will be given a receipt for the same.


All are requested to make small but regular donations to “THE JEWISH CEMETERIES TRUST” on a regular basis to enable us to maintain the Jewish Cemetery.

Cheques may be drawn in favour of “THE JEWISH CEMETERIES TRUST”.

Hon Secretary : Herzel Simon    (M- +91-983-332-5808)
Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018, India

Telephone : +91-22-2491 9741


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Panvel Maharashtra, India - Yonatan Kandalar’s private heritage trip to the city in which he was born in India turned into a living hell when he arrived at the cemetery where his family and members of the Jewish community are buried. Kandler was shocked to see before his very eyes how the old Jewish cemetery in Panvel had turned into a neighborhood for Muslim families and was destroyed to its very foundations.

One of the headstones had been transformed into a makeshift mosque. Another group of headstones is being used as a urinal and a shower. Dozens of remains had been disinterred and thrown into the nearby river.

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"The fierce keepers of the graveyard refuse to let anyone in as they fear that excessive exposure will rob them of their home. However, when caught off-guard the family had some interesting information. “A lot of people used to come in the ‘50s, wearing black suits, hats and with beards. There were quite a few Jews here but after General Ayub many left for London,” says the old lady who lives there with her family.

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Headstones of old Jewish graves smashed, remains disinterred, thrown into river in town of Panvel, where few dozen Jews still live. Majority of community moved to Israel. Yonatan Kandalar, whose grandparents are buried there, shocked to see destruction, disrespect during visit

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