Date: May 17th, 2010



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Dear All

Shalom Uvrahkha

It is my pleasure to announce that I am writing a series of articles about "Praying with Understanding" which I will release in parts every week starting from this Shavuaoth.

The purpose of my writing is purely religious and spiritual.

I have attached an introduction letter with this mail. Please read it.

I have made groups from contacts that I had and I have added a few more after collecting them from my friends and known Jewish sources.

I hope that you will not have any objection to my including you in the group.

However, should you desire to opt out or want me to use an alternate id then please feel free to notify me.

In case, you want me include your Jewish friends or relatives in my group then please feel free to pass on the info to me.

I will be happy if you take an initiative to forward my mails to your contacts or groups.

I welcome your comments and suggestions any time during the course of this series.

I will consider my mission successful if my articles inspire all those who have no time to spare for prayers, to find some time, in your busy day, for prayers.

I will be pleased if you can acknowledge that you received this mail. This will help me organise my contact groups.

Thanks and with warm regards.

Raymond Jacob Ramrajkar

Res: 022-2545 3926
Cell: +91 90040 54410

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