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I have pleasure in presenting you part 31 of my series PRAYING WITH UNDERSTANDING.


This part deals with Joseph.


Joseph was the eleventh of the twelve sons of Jacob and the first of the two sons of Rachel. He was the favorite son of his father, but his brothers' hatred was aroused by their father's favoritism and Joseph's own dreams which predicted that they would one day bow down to him.


It has been a challenge to write this part, considering the fact that The Torah has 13 chapters, from 37 to 50 in the book of Genesis, on the life of Joseph.


Joseph  is considered to be a perfect example of an ideal man of great qualities, extremely handsome, intellegent,  and honest and fair. He never misused his power nor ever gave in to any temptation because of his handsomeness.


The Torah's account of Joseph, with its ups and downs, shows us how the Jewish race finally came into being with the 12 sons of Jacob.


Please open the article to understand the blessings associated with the life of Joseph.


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