On Vashon Island (near Seattle, Washington), a tree grows carrying a rather

unusual passenger - an old bike. Apparently some kid chained a bike to the tree

decades ago and never picked it up, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike.



Nothing unusual, just a beetle on a tree.



This sign still surprisingly legible considering it is about to be swallowed completely.


For good luck, hikers push a penny into this old log.


Look closely; the tree has actually grabbed the basin and lifted it off the ground.


You know those neighbors that never take down their Christmas lights?
This is what will eventually happen.


This is definitely the best bike lock Iíve ever seen.


Trees tend to grow in the direction of sunlight or away from other trees,

but here are a few that have gone out of their way to claim their rightful space,

regardless of the surroundings.



The old Western Flyer, complete with basket, was found in the

back yard of a property the city was clearing in the 500 block of Park Lane.