The US Political DEADLOCK!!!

(What US politicians are doing to this country)

Is it possible that a country is run by crooks in the guise of Republicans and Democrats? Those who care more about their personal agendas rather than the best interest of the people and their country. Using the Debt Ceiling crisis, politicians are using national interest issues to promote and benefit  their party  power struggle.

Republicans say the government is spending way over the taxes that they receive. Republicans are way out to protect the billionaires and multimillion corporations from having to pay their fair share of the taxes.  In the past decade the richer seem to make even larger pay cheques, however they prefer to pay even lesser taxes. In reality they get away with it. It is clear who the Republicans support in a guise of national interest and a fake pretext that not taxing the billionaires will  lead to creating more jobs and help the economy. Nothing like this happened in the past decade while they enjoyed paying the lowest taxes.

The Democrats seem to be wanting to seek these tax cuts from the billionaires and their companies,. They propose to hike taxes for those who make more than $250K. They are being accused of spending tax funds on pet projects and wide overspending to support its many government agendas. Now they are being forced to cut most basic needs of society like education, health and infrastructure needs.

Two things need to happen to find a two sided solution. Taxes for people who make more then $250K, especially those who make over a million dollars, should be increased so that they put back on the table enough of what they manage to make for themselves. This should make the Democrats happy.

From the finance that is received from these tax increases, the spending and budgeting process needs to be made completely transparent so that there is accountability for government spending and consequence for making the wrong choices. This should make the Republicans happy.

There is a great lesson to learn from the New York based Jewish doctor who invented the polio vaccine and could have sold his patented invention to the big pharmaceutical companies to earn fame and great wealth. Polio researcher Dr. Jonas Salk, who could have enriched himself by claiming patent rights to his vaccine, instead gave it away for FREE., thus saving millions from paralysis and death. He was already making enough money  and saving lives was his reward.

People are no longer are made of such great virtues while greed and wastefulness seems to have taken over. Let us watch how this stalemate is resolved by August 2nd 2011 as both parties play this cat and mouse game and push their limits while holding the fate of the country at ransom.