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A Solomon Borgawker contribution:


I had speculated this when they were creating a H1N1 panic
in USA which was backed by doctors and pharmaceuticals.
One doctor had confided in me that this was a hoax to make
a lot of $$$$$ and it makes sense why they would do so.

A similar trick to extort tax payers $$$$$$$ was used to
dispose airport confiscated unsafe items to take on a plane.
They actually floated a 4 some million dollar tender to find
a company that would dispose these items ????

Did they not know that charities such as GCF and Thrifty will be
happy to come and pick it all up for FREE. But it is not anybody's
personal money they are spending, so why not allow themselves and
their friends to profit from it. Do you think I got it all wrong ?

Mr. Gates should stick to what he does best, make money with
software and not advocate the need of CO2 in the universe.
I guess a lot of $$$$ makes them think they are experts at everyting :).

This guy seems to know what s#!% he is talking about and
it is sacry to even think this could be even slightly true.

This is why the value for life is judged by how much money

you have and where you fall in the "pecking" order.
You dont agree ..... ok find out why New Orleans did not receive
timely help and its rebuilding has been slow which had made
their life living hell after the storm was over and gone.

Go figure which group type made up the majority of the
people who lives in New Orleans.

I have made a webpage on the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX and how
they manipulate who gets the Nobel Prize (
Those in power have mnipulated anything they can use to their advantage
to make $$$$$$$$$. Ever since old times, corporations have existed to
generate profit. Hence no ethically questionable matter stops them
from doing what it takes to generate profit.

IBM sold computers to Germany so they could track and organize
their plan of extriminating 6 million Jews during WW2.
Not sure why they were not banned from selling technology
to the enemy ??????

There needs to be transperency and accountability
to scrutinize how tax dollars are being utilized
rather than leaving it to a chosen few to do whatever
they wish to do which leads to personal gain and
wasteful spending.

How come they are not destroying the poppy fields in Afganistan ????
AAAh I see, that's the primary source of income of that country .. got it :).

The entire 911 conspiracy is well documented in the documentary :
"Loose Change - Final Cut" (Search on YouTube)

You can bet the next time you get on a plane some TSA guy
enjoyed looking at your naked figure on his computer screen.
This should be unacceptable, yet it is already in place in many
major airports ?????? They they worry why the airline industry
is failing to generate profit. This is only one reason why people
will not want to fly.

I will say, despite all this, the United States of America is the best place to live, where at least there is a chance that we can fix the many problems that have been enforced on its common people. The stock market, the sub prime mortgage disaster, the fall of the world economy are all human induced/manipulated events. If it cannot be fixed in the USA, then the entire world is doomed and we don't have a chance about where this world is headed.

We need to learn from history. Remember how Nazi Germany managed to round up 6 million Jews of Europe and exterminate them while the world watched helplessly. You would think 6 million people could have defended themselves from the much smaller German army.

It was Germany's crafty strategy and they worked with that country's corrupt government who sold them off to the Nazis by stripping them of their rights, took all their wealth and seized all their property.

The artificial zone of comfort that people had, prevented them from doing anything to stop this crime. Because they thought they were safe, at least for that moment, while they watched from between their closed curtains how their neighbors were being dragged out of their houses and carted off to the concentration camps.

Mostly people are to blame for their own plight. They will not do anything until it affects then directly. So it is safe to deduce from history that Humans are Greedy, Selfish and Cowards. That sums it up. Remember UNITED WE CAN BE STRONG, DIVIDED WE FALL.

Sorry for all this negative talk. But if any of what is being presented is true, then we better deal with it now rather than when too much damage has been done.

Source: Nation of Lies Movie .COM"

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