A Siona Benjamin Creation based on a SH Awaskar Contribution:

Landing of the

Discovery Space Shuttle

(1)The space shuttle consists of the following major components:

         two solid rocket boosters (SRB) - critical for the launch

         external fuel tank (ET) - carries fuel for the launch

         orbiter - carries astronauts and payload

(2) The orbiter has three main engines located in the aft (back) fuselage (body of the spacecraft). Each engine is 14 feet (4.3 m) long, 7.5 feet (2. 3 m) in diameter at its widest point (the nozzle) and weighs about 6,700 lb (3039 kg.

(3) The two orbital maneuvering systems' (OMS) engines are located in pods on the aft section of the orbiter, one on either side of the tail. These engines place the shuttle into final orbit, change the shuttle's position from one orbit to another, and slow the shuttle down for re-entry.


By:Siona Benjamin

Recourses: Science. How stuff

Idea By: Samuel Benjamin

Helped By: Liron Benjamin